Fate Grand Order Guide newbie needs to know

Fate Grand Order is a strategy game based on the anime “Type-Moon’s Fate / stay night”, and was released in Japan on July 29, 2015. FGO is a game that specializes in farming. You will summon Servants to fight and win. This game has no end, just hit Boss and do Quest. The game has hugely diverse gameplay, helping you to experience the gameplay without getting bored.

After downloading and installing the game on Android and iOS operating systems, you can choose the server you want to play. Then you are transferred to the primary control map to experience the fighting mechanics in the game. With the instructions of the machine you can understand, do not skip this section as it is essential. There are 3 types of cards in the game: Arts, Quick and Buster.

Buster: In the early stages of FGO, Buster- team have the weakest archetype, but for the late-game, mostly servants have the most vital power and most serious damage. This contrast with other archetypes. Buster Critfest focuses on building up the critical stars then releasing them in a devasting single round.

Arts: This team is easy to build with a limited budget and to throw out as many Noble Phantasms as possible in a short timespan, racking up mass amounts of damage and buffs.

Quick: Due to its many vital stars, it is extremely effective against both spam NP and explosive damage, allowing the team to have a severe injury and NP often when set up correctly.

Every turn will have 5 cards, you choose 3 cards to fight with monsters. When your Servants reaches 100% of the NP bar, the Noble Phantasms card will appear above, this is also counted as one card. After completing the experience, you will move on to character naming. After pressing CONFIRM, you have officially become a Master. Before you get into the singularities, you can always go through the story. If you feel the information is too long, you can click Skip in the upper right corner of the screen to skip the conference. When coming to Fuyuki’s first singularity, remember to the details because these departures are always substantial, if you do not pass these rounds, it is difficult to hit the following Maps.

Going to Summoning of Servants, following the instructions of the device, you will summon the first Servants. After completing the New Player Quest, you will get a Login Bonus, a login bonus will be given every day. If you are a Free Player, please see that the login bonus display time is relatively valuable. Click GIFT BOX in the bottom left corner and click Receive All to receive your gift. From the moment you accept the present, you will no longer be guided, and the game officially starts here.

When you click on the Quest, it will show Party. In addition to Servants, Craft Essence is also indispensable in the game, it is also a unique skill form. To equip CE for your Party, you click on the space below Servants will display the CE, after selecting OK to fit. And remember to press Battle Speed ​​to let the Servants hit faster.