10 common Q and A to start playing Lord Mobile

  1. How do I form a guild, I can’t see the option?

First, make sure that you are not a member of another guild. Or if you are in a guild, then you need to leave by clicking on the guild icon in the toolbar, selecting “Manage guild” and then “Leaving the guild”. You can now create your own clan by selecting the Guild icon again and then clicking “Create a clan”. It’s neccessary to create a brand new clan name and logo. Now set the default language for your guild. This will help other players determine what your primary language is. Click “b”, and you will be the owner of a new guild.

  • My food drops continuously. How to avoid harmful production?

Once you have an army of moderate stature, food production becomes an issue. First, you need to establish your domain as a pure farm. That means you only build 1 Ore Mine, 1 Sawmill, and 1 Quarry, all of which create a Farm. Next, you need equipment that will speed up food production in your workshop. You should wear it on your hero at any time except when you’re fighting. Make sure you research the highest possible food production in the Academy. Suppose you already have enough research and construction competency points in my set up beginners guide. In that case, you should spend the remaining issues on accelerating food production. Starting with Food Production Maximum level III. Finally, you can use utensils to increase food production and decrease military food. The above combination will get you back to active food production, even with a large army.

  • Will my troops die when my food runs out?

No, no, but it’s needed for building upgrades and research, for food production it’s going to be a lot more complicated. Trying to build, study and train to produce foods to avoid negativity can be quite tricky, so I always suggest making a Farm while still in the leveling phase.

  • How do I destroy troops and traps?

For troops, click on your Barracks then make a choice to the type of army you wanna disband. There will be a Dismiss button in the lower-left corner that allows you to remove the number of pieces you have selected. The same goes for traps, except that you have to do this at your Wall.

  • How do I make a kingdom transfering?

If you have passed level 5 castle, you cannot move to another kingdom unless you create a new account. Suppose you are a Castle of level 5 or lower and still around 7 days from creating an account. In that case, you can use the Beginner Immigration props to move the kingdom.

  • Should I attack with a single soldier or even soldiers?

The best way when attacking is using only one type of army. However, you should train a different kind of army to balance the defences for your territory. That is, you should attack either all forces are Infantry, or all details are Long Range, or all parties are Cavalry. You can assemble some catapults to help you break the wall more quickly.

The main reason explains for attacking better with an army is that you can arrange to upgrade your attack and defence skills. This is much more comfortable than you have to upgrade all three types of troops. This will help you to do more damage when fighting the enemy.

For defence, you should have a balanced army because you never know which army will attack you.

  • How can I play Lords Mobile on Personal Computer or Mac?

You can play the game on some accepted emulators like Bluestacks, which let you play on a PC or Mac. You should make sure that your game is linked to your Facebook account to switch devices, including PC and Mac.

  • What is the base?

The base was in the heart of a kingdom. By moving to the world map and then entering your empire, you gotta go there.

Any Guild leader who captured the wonders would become the Lord or Conqueror. Lords are given several privileges in their kingdom. Conquerors are assigned to a party when they can catch a base in another realm.

The wonders will go through two different cases: the battling phase and the defending phase. In the battle phase, you will have to compete and be attacked. The guilds that occupied the most extended time and the above titles were given to leadership.

Then enters the protection phase, which means it is locked and cannot be hacked. Take pride in your clan, especially bonuses, trophies and rewards.

  • How faster can I train the army?

Military Training can take quite a bit of time in Lords Mobile. The following things allow you to speed up the Training of your soldiers:

• Build lots of manor houses and upgrade them as high as possible.

• Increase skill points for Training Speed ​​I & II.

• Make equipment to speed up Training.

• Soldier Training Speed ​​Study.

• Try to queue for your coaching 24/7.

The last is probably the most important, because if you don’t train the army continuously, then all the Coach Speed ​​increases in the world won’t help you!

10. What happens when my hero is executed?

Unfortunately, your commander is captured by another player, don’t worry, it won’t be as bad as you think. First of all, rest assured that all your devices are 100% safe. You will need to purchase a buyable Easter Fruit for 60,000 coins, or 1,000 gems. This will bring your hero back to life with full XP and all your equipment!